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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
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Tom Starner's article What Workers Want from the President was very informative and a good warning to HR staff everywhere, however there was one GIANT error made that ought to be corrected. 

He mentioned "the current recession." In fact, "recession" is a technical term used by economists and misused by the media and -- unfortunately -- HR staff alike. 

To qualify as a recession, there must be two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP), and that has yet to happen.

The fact is that the media, in their not so veiled effort to elect Democrats to office, have created a "recession mentality" by incorrectly identifying some people's stupidity, like the people that bought houses far greater than they could afford with an adjustable rate mortgage when interest rates were at a 30-year low, is the sign of impending doom. 

The facts are that unemployment is low, and that qualified talent is in the shortest supply ever, meaning that employers are paying a premium for those who have educated themselves appropriately.

The media may scare America into a recession, but it hasn't happened yet.

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HR directors and staff everywhere need to reaffirm this to their co-workers and colleagues and get people to realize that simply repeating untruth often doesn't make it true. 

There is no recession, and if people quit listening to the doom & gloom, the country would realize just how good things are!

Terry A. Post, PHR

Policy & Workforce Planning Unit

Human Resources Consulting

Texas Health & Human Services Commission

Austin, Texas

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