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Tuesday, January 2, 2007
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Some schools offering programs in Human Resources Management and Services that made the U.S. News & World Report's list of "America's Best Colleges 2007 can be found here.

In addition, here are is a more in-depth snapshot of some of those schools (with information from the schools' Web sites):

Boston University

1 Sherborn Street 
Boston, MA 02215

At a glance: Boston University's academic program includes the Human Resources Policy Institute, which was founded to study the latest developments in human resource management issues and serve as an information resource. Since 1981, the school's faculty, graduate students and fellows have partnered with top-level HR executives from member companies, discussed the latest trends, benchmarked best practices and sponsored faculty and doctoral-level research.

Cornell University, ILR School

349 Pine Tree Road 
Ithaca, NY 14853

At a glance: ILR is the only institution of higher education in the United States to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the interdisciplinary field of workplace studies. In addition, its Extension and Outreach division offers courses, workshops, certifications and other outreach programs for practitioners, workers and policy analysts.

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824

At a glance: The concentration on Human Resource Management focuses on personnel management in organizations, on the role and development of the manager as a leader and on the specific functions and mission of the personnel/human resources department. Entry-level positions are obtained in private and public enterprise and wherever the personnel function is departmentalized.

Ohio State University

154 W. 12th Avenue 
Columbus, OH 43210

At a glance: In the Department of Management and Human Resources, the faculty are interested in exploring the ways in which organizations become competitive by understanding the dynamics of the international environment, the problems of growth, and the complexity associated with managing individuals. These interests are manifest in basic research, teaching in our various degree programs, executive education seminars, and in faculty consulting. Faculty are active in research and teaching in five major areas: Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, International Business, Organizational Behavior and Strategy. 

Rutgers University

65 Davidson Road, Room 202 
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8097

At a glance: The mission of the School of Management and Labor Relations is to create and disseminate knowledge that fosters a better understanding of the nature of employment and work in modern society, promotes harmony and cooperation between management and labor, and helps to improve employment systems and relationships. In pursuit of our mission, SMLR faculty conduct research, deliver credit and noncredit programs, and provide assistance to corporations and labor organizations. Faculty contribute to their professional communities by conducting cutting-edge research, disseminating new knowledge through teaching, publishing scholarly books and articles, and providing their services to a variety of public and private organizations, government and non-governmental agencies.

University of Illinois

601 E. John Street 
Champaign, IL 61820-5711

At a glance: The mission of the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations is to strive continually for excellence in scholarly research, teaching, extension, and service activities dedicated to the achievement and dissemination of a more informed understanding of employment relations. Among its departments is the Center for Human Resource Management, a joint venture between senior executives of member firms and faculty from the Chicago and Urbana-Champaign campuses of the University of Illinois for the purpose of solving problems and challenges involving human resource management. The partners and faculty collectively identify and investigate critical human resource issues and in the process discover "best practices" that result in practical methods for improving the workplace.

University of Michigan

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4901 Evergreen 
Dearborn, MI 48128-1491

At a glance: The Workforce Management concentration courses in the School of Management are designed as fundamental preparation for positions in human resource management, industrial relations, or general management. The concentration would also be valuable to students who are not contemplating a career in human resources, as these courses provide knowledge and skills for selecting, developing, motivating, retaining, evaluating, and directing employees -- skills needed by managers in any technical or business domain.

University of Minnesota

100 Church Street SE 
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0213

At a glance: The Human Resources and Industrial Relations major prepares graduates for positions involving the recruitment and/or selection of new employees, identification of training needs among new and current workers, the functional operation of compensation systems and benefits packages, and the management of employee relations programs where workers are represented by trade unions. Human resource specialists have progressed from record keepers to strategic partners in the areas of finance and marketing as organizations recognize the importance of qualified people to their success.

University of Wisconsin

P.O. Box 413

Milwaukee, WI 53201

At a glance: This field is particularly challenging due to the diverse interests of management, labor, consumers, regulatory agencies, political constituents, and environmental issues in a competitive, global economy. A degree in Human Resources Management prepares students for entry-level careers in either generalist or specialist areas of the field. The curriculum provides a framework for students as they learn how human resource management decisions affect, and are affected by, virtually all other management decisions.

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