Behind the CEI Scoring

This story accompanies How's Your Inclusiveness Rating?, a feature about the emergence of The Corporate Equality Index as the scorecard of choice for measuring GLBT-friendliness.

Sunday, March 2, 2008
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Here is a breakdown of the Corporate Equality Index ratings scorecard. If companies earn all possible points in the first five scoring criteria, they will receive a perfect score -- 100 points.

However, if they take actions undermining GLBT equality, points can be deducted in criterion 6.

1a. Prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation: 15 points.

1b. Provides diversity training covering sexual orientation: 5 points

2a. Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and/or expression: 15 points

2b. Provides diversity training covering gender identity OR has supportive gender transition guidelines: 5 points

2c. Offers at least one transgender wellness benefit: 5 points

3a. Offers domestic partner health insurance: 15 points

3b. Offers domestic partners dental, vision, COBRA and dependent coverage benefits: 5 points

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3c. Offers at least three other "soft" benefits for domestic partners: 5 points

4. Has employer-supported employee resource group OR firm-wide diversity council: 15 points

5. Engages in appropriate and respectful advertising, marketing or philanthropy: 15 points

6. Exhibits responsible behavior toward the GLBT community; does not engage in action that would undermine GLBT equality. Employers found engaging in such activities will have 15 points deducted from their scores.

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