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Sunday, March 2, 2008
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Confused about cash-balance plans? Uncertain if a cash-balance plan is right for your company?

It may be too early in the regulatory process to understand everything you need to know, but one consulting and investment company -- Kravits, Davis, and Sansone in Encino, Calif. -- has been promoting cash-balance plans since the 2006 law was passed and, in October, launched a Web site dedicated to educating prospective new plan sponsors.

The company says the site,, is designed to help retirement plan advisers, providers and third-party administrators learn about the cash-balance plan design and identify potential employer candidates.

The Web site provides an online primer, "Cash balance plans 101" designed explain the language of the retirement plans demonstrate how the retirement plans work to defer assets for employers and employees.

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The site also provides a checklist of potential corporate scenarios that are ripe for cash balance plans and a "top 10" of likely industries.

The consulting company also announced a new investment product with timed maturity dates designed exclusively for cash-balance plan sponsors and their unique actuarial funding plans.

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