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Friday, June 16, 2006
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Andy Goodman is executive vice president of human resources at Computer Associates. He is responsible for employee development, recruitment, operations, benefits and community relations.

Goodman joined CA in 2002 as senior vice president of human resources. With more than 20 years in human resources management -- including extensive experience in Fortune 500, technology and professional services environments -- he is focused on the acquisition, development, retention and management of talent as a means to enhanced business performance.

Before joining CA, Goodman was first vice president of global technology group human resources at Merrill Lynch & Co. Prior to his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he was with Bankers Trust Co., where he was vice president of financial services operations and technology human resources.

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Earlier, he gained extensive professional services experience as director of northeast region management consulting human resources at Ernst & Young. As a manager with General Electric Co., his responsibilities included recruitment and staffing of information technology professionals.

Goodman received a bachelor's degree in English Literature from the Stony Brook State University of New York and was awarded a New York State Teams Teacher Certification.  

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