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Following up on last year's exciting "Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company" competition at the HR Technology® Conference, the eight nominees for 2017 include startups and newly emerging HR tech solution providers looking to make a digital difference in how HR works.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
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We launched a new concept last October at the HR Technology® Conference called "Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company," which was designed to uncover which startup or newly emerging HR tech solution provider was creating the most interesting, innovative and important new HR tech solutions. As you might imagine, the process to find this kind of HR tech company is lengthy, expansive and not at all easy. Last year's designee, LifeWorks, was selected at the conference from a final group of eight outstanding companies that were selected from more than 150 applicants.

With the popularity and excitement of last year in mind, I wanted to share with HR Executive readers some information and updates about this year's process and how they can get involved as well. I had two thoughts as I began planning the second annual edition of this event: how to make the process even better for participants, conference attendees and the community at large, and how to involve more conference attendees and industry fans in the selection process. With all the energy, investment and excitement surrounding the HR technology market in 2017, we felt like we had to design a process that would tap into that excitement as well.

With that said, I would like to introduce the process for 2017 and share how you can get involved. Like last year, we received about 150 applications and nominations. To find the best companies from among this gigantic list, we sought help from four industry experts: George LaRocque, Ben Eubanks, Madeline Laurano, and Lance Haun. Each one has reviewed the list of applicants and then interviewed and selected two contending companies that will become this year's semi-finalists.

Here are the eight companies that have been named semi-finalists for the 2017 "Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company" competition:

Beamery -- Beamery combines Recruitment CRM and Marketing software, enabling companies to attract, source and engage talent. Leveraging hundreds of different data points for each candidate, and automating complex marketing campaigns, Beamery helps employers build their desired candidate experience.

BeeKeeper -- Beekeeper's Employee Communication Hub matches corporate identity and branding with automated workflows and scheduling to support operational strategies and communication. The app features real-time measurement for continuous optimization.

Proxfinity -- Proxfinity develops the wearable Smart Badge, which notifies employees when others near them have similar interests. The badge measures the effect of face-to-face employee communication and gathers talent-management data to increase collaboration and improve employee engagement.

PapayaGlobal -- Papaya Global develops a platform that connects employers to a global network of preferred suppliers and employer-of-record service providers. Employers access global payroll, paperwork, reporting, and compliance in one automated global expert platform.

Moovila -- Moovila develops a mobile collaboration Moovila develops a mobile collaboration and productivity platform to increase accountability and engagement. Working across customer onboarding, strategy execution, project management and employee productivity, the platform connects employers' strategy and mission with the employees whose job it is to make it a reality. and productivity platform/Moovila develops a mobile collaboration and productivity platform to increase accountability and engagement.

Best Money Moves -- Best Money Moves is a financial wellness program. Built as a mobile-first platform, it measures employee financial stress, shows employers what is causing the most stress, then helps dial it down with a unique content-mapping system that helps solve employees' pain points.

HiBob -- hibob develops Bob, a central HR hub hosting all people data in one place. With a simple to use interface, Bob helps employers and employees with benefits, time tracking, PTO management, onboarding, document management, employee engagement, and company culture

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Blueboard -- Blueboard develops a platform for rewards and recognition focused on offering experiences to employees that promise to be more memorable, personal and shareable than traditional perks and incentives.

The field of competitors will be reduced to four finalists that will present and demo their solutions at HR Tech in October, and this is where you come in.

For the next few weeks on the HR Tech Insiders blog, we will be posting product descriptions, videos and other materials from each of the eight semi-finalists, two companies at a time, who will then compete for a place in the "Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company" finals in Las Vegas. You will get a chance to learn more about each company's solutions, their unique value propositions, and get some insights into their founders and teams. Each one of our industry expert coaches will also share their insight about what makes these companies interesting and innovative.

Your votes will determine the four finalists that will present at HR Tech and vie for the coveted title of the "Next Great HR Technology Company" that will be awarded in October.

If you haven't yet, please subscribe to the HR Tech Insiders Blog, follow @HRTechConf on Twitter, and join the HR Technology Conference group on LinkedIn to make sure you are notified on update and of the voting process and to get the information you need to cast your vote for the Next Great HR Technology Company 2017!

Steve Boese is a co-chair of HRE's HR Technology Conference and Exposition® and a technology editor for LRP Publications. He also writes an HR blog and hosts the HR Happy Hour Show, a radio program and podcast. He can be emailed at


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