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Monday, June 19, 2017
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Activating Talent

SilkRoad has debuted SilkRoad Activate, an engagement platform designed to deliver targeted experiences by employee role or type.

SilkRoad Activate includes SilkRoad's core recruiting, onboarding, agile performance and learning products, while adding on-demand analytics applications, including recruiting and onboarding dashboards; and business apps that include do-it-yourself tools for organizations to create their own custom-designed apps to better address specific needs.

SilkRoad, Orlando, Fla.

Managing Employee Attendance

Nimble Software Systems Inc. has launched the Ximble Time Clock App for tablet devices.

Integrated with the wider platform, the app is designed to allow for easy employee check-in and check-out using PIN codes or QR code scanning, with a photo clock feature to verify employee identity when checking in. The app provides a history of clock-ins and clock-outs, which directly integrates with the existing Ximble platform tracking features, allowing employers to inspect and approve time entries and manage employee attendance.

Access to the Ximble Time Clock App is free for Ximble subscribers, with subscriptions starting at $2 per user per month.

Nimble Software Systems Inc., Carlsbad, Calif.

Managing Workflows

Talla has introduced ChatOps, a platform designed to allow organizations and HR functions to manage specific workflows through Slack, Hipchat and similar chat applications.

The ChatOps platform initially supports employee polling and onboarding, as well as the retrieval and delivery of HR information, and is intended to allow users to complete simple tasks as well as automate complicated workflows.

Talla, Cambridge, Mass.

Benefits Self-Management

Maestro Health has launched the mBENEFITS mobile app and My Benefits web portal.

Available on the maestroEDGE platform, these new tools are designed to help users manage self-funded benefits by enabling employees to connect directly with nurses about their conditions, view all benefits information in one place and access it any time, and receive benefits communications from their employers. The tools offer interactive dashboards that include benefit details such as medical expenses and total out-of-pocket expenses summaries, plan eligibility for identifying coverage gaps and recent claims summaries.

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Maestro Health, Chicago

AI and Recruiting

SmartRecruiters has launched Recruiting AI. Part of SmartRecruiters' talent acquisition suite, Recruiting AI uses artificial intelligence to process and interpret recruiting data to detect patterns that help recruiters make better decisions.

Features of Recruiting AI include the ability to automatically analyze, score and rank incoming resumes based on both hard and soft skills that match the profile of the job; examine job openings to find other jobs suitable for a given candidate; and analyze jobs and make suggestions to improve the reach and quality of incoming resumes.

SmartRecruiters, San Francisco



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