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Monday, June 5, 2017
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Managing Compensation

Ceridian > has launched the Dayforce Compensation Management module within its Dayforce HCM product.

According to the company, the technology enables organizations to demonstrate factors that affect compensation decisions, and, in turn, address pay equity issues while providing transparency to allow leaders to make more informed compensation decisions with greater efficiency.

< Ceridian, Minneapolis

LGBT Tips and Guidance

Mercer and RW3 have released enhancements to their co-created CultureTrainingPassport tool to include content for LGBT executives and expatriates.

An assignment tool for mobile employees and business travelers going abroad, CulturalTrainingPassport is designed to provide country-specific cultural training in an online format. Along with training courses, users now have access to country-by-country information regarding LGBT rights and considerations. New content is housed within country profiles alongside existing cultural content, including tips for businesswomen and female travelers. The platform also includes data related to a range of social considerations such as attitudes toward race and religion for 75 countries.

Mercer, New York

RW3, New York

Managing Employee Performance

Halogen Software has introduced its latest release of Halogen TalentSpace, a cloud-based talent management suite designed to help organizations manage employee performance.

The new edition includes a new home-page dashboard, as well as a variety of pre-configured form templates and best-practice workflows, and a home page interface that allows employees to update goals and development plans, share feedback and recognition, view their team connections, search for colleagues across the organization, access shortcuts and any additional resources from their personalized home screen.

Halogen Software, Ontario, Canada

Accessing Employee Opinions

Willis Towers Watson has added Willis Towers Watson Pulse Software to its Employee Engagement platform. The software is designed to allow employers to assess employee opinions and reactions to events.

According to Willis Towers Watson, the software enables employers to design and deploy employee surveys on demand, allows users to customize surveys using built-in, multilingual questionnaires and reporting templates in 19 languages, and has the ability to track actual results in real time.

Willis Towers Watson, Arlington, Va.

Legal and Compliance Information

Jackson Lewis has launched workthruIT, a web-based suite of tools designed to provide in-house counsels, HR executives and managers with legal and compliance information as well as assessments related to the workforce.

The suite offers four general types of tools -- calculators, checklists, databases/maps and assessment tools -- intended to enable users to research state leave laws, conduct self-assessments to evaluate the organization's privacy and data security risks, and make employee leave-related decisions.  

Jackson Lewis, Morristown, N.J.

Simulating Talent Scenarios

SAP SE has released SAP Fieldglass Live Insights, a machine learning-powered, data-driven insights service designed to help executives benchmark, plan, predict and simulate external talent scenarios.

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With this service, organizations can look at market rates, hiring cycle times and supplier performance as part of a process that culminates with decisions about external talent and their engagement. They can also conduct cost-benefit analysis in real-time to inform talent decisions based on location, time to fill and other market metrics.

SAP SE, Walldorf, Germany

Hospitality Workforce Management

Harri Technologies has launched TeamLive, a workforce-management platform geared toward organizations in the hospitality industry.

The software consolidates up to 10 operational systems into one platform that includes instant team communications, team scheduling overlaid with labor costs, and live sales performance data. The platform also includes an app-based time clock that uses biometric facial recognition to track employee hours.

Harri Technologies, New York

Compliance Guidance

NAVEX Global Inc.,an ethics and compliance software firm, has launched Compliance Next, a community-driven website offering education and skill enhancement through best-practice examples, how-to guides, research and other content.

Featuring a library of educational videos that include compliance management how-to tutorials, advice and guides, Compliance Next has five learning tracks and also includes legal and regulatory news, sample policy templates, an ask-an-expert inquiry tool, compliance program benchmarking statistics and tools for assessing your current program.

NAVEX Global Inc., Lake Oswego, Ore.


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