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This story accompanies The Michelin Method.

Monday, March 7, 2016
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With an average retention rate of 97 percent over the past half-decade, it's safe to say that Michelin North America is doing a pretty good job of retaining employees.

Many workers, in fact, are sticking around even after they retire.

At any given time, the tire manufacturer has approximately 250 retirees staying professionally active in various capacities throughout the organization, says David Stafford, executive vice president of human resources.

For example, Michelin retirees have come back to fill roles such as quality manager for Michelin's Tweel airless radial tire business, or teaching management training courses within the organization's learning and development department, says Stafford. In many ways, these retired employees are ideal candidates to administer such critical instruction, he adds.

"We need to deliver management training to approximately 1,200 people across North America, in a window of one year, at multiple sites," he says. "An experienced Michelin retiree provides wisdom and experience, and can be flexible in his or her time commitment to match training time needs, which vary from week to week with the type of program."

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Of course, Michelin and the HR function benefit as well, says Stafford, noting that retirees offer an efficient way to address a need without adding a full-time-equivalent employee.

"And, we are able to demonstrate that Michelin lives up to our commitment [to offering] a career with a purpose," he adds, "even beyond retirement."


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