The New Chemistry of Employee Engagement

Friday, October 2, 2015
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At some organizations, engagement seems to happen naturally. Employees feel it. They're committed, energetic and attached. Positive attitudes and behaviors are transmitted to each new hire. It's a virtuous cycle.

At other organizations, engagement is uneven and difficult to sustain. Employees feel this, too. Some do only what's necessary to get by. Why go the extra mile when others are coasting?

Energy ebbs. People leave. Momentum never takes hold.

What if all organizations had the same opportunities to drive high engagement levels, consistently? A composition of elements motivates every employee in every department in an organization throughout the year. When you know the unique composition of elements for your specific company, you can use this data to reformulate the future. In real time.

Check Your Engagement Levels

Eighty-seven percent of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, according to Deloitte, which also finds only 7 percent of CEOs rate their companies as excellent at measuring and improving engagement.

In addition, Gallup statistics show that only 32 percent of employees are engaged, 51 percent are not engaged and 17 percent are actively disengaged.

Shouldn't we be much better at understanding what drives employee engagement and how to improve it?

Recent Innovations in the Data-Driven Workplace

You can't optimize what you don't measure. This is just as true for the HR team as it is for other functions. Many other areas have already modernized the way they measure engagement by using real-time technologies. For example:

* Marketers use real-time solutions like Marketo and Google Analytics to measure website- visitor engagement and campaign effectiveness. They use these insights to course-correct and optimize quickly across a portfolio of campaigns.

* Politicians constantly pulse voters to fine-tune strategy throughout a campaign, emphasizing different messages for each constituency. They don't wait until election day.

* Developers and application managers use application-performance-monitoring technologies to identify bottlenecks and diagnose issues in real time.

If we can frequently measure other types of engagement to quickly diagnose problems and course-correct, why don't we do the same for employee engagement?

What if you could receive people data with actionable intelligence on demand, while still ensuring confidentiality?

Introducing a new platform for measuring and improving employee engagement. Glint is the first real-time employee engagement platform designed to measure and improve employee engagement in our always-on, need-it-now, constantly pulsing world. Innovative organizations such as FICO, Pandora, Sunrun and Marketo are using it to:

* Take more frequent pulses of their employees,

* Understand which factors really drive employee engagement and retention,

* Empower managers with interactive dashboards and insights to lead them to action,

* Be alerted to significant changes or outlier scores across an enormous number of potential employee-attribute combinations,

* Find and fix any disengagement loops before they become major problems,

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* Retain more top employees, and

* Build stronger teams and deliver better results.

Why It Works

Glint's real-time employee engagement platform:

* Gathers high-quality data that identifies the true causes of poor engagement. Based on 18 proven drivers of engagement, Glint helps leaders ask their teams the questions that reveal their organization's unique formulation for employee engagement.

Glint's deep Comment Analytics gives employees the chance to share unfiltered thoughts and opinions by ensuring their confidentiality, while custom surveys, questions and distribution lists help organizations configure the platform to meet their unique needs.

* Delivers actionable insights to the people with the power to improve engagement.

The Glint platform analyzes information instantly. Skip sorting through obsolete data and proceed directly to improving performance. Also, Glint dashboards give leaders an elegant visual breakdown of the entire organization. Manager-level dashboards and reports deliver team-specific results and help drive engagement at the local level. Automated insights and alerts notify leaders of significant changes that might otherwise be lost in aggregated averages.

* Provides a turnkey solution that's easy to implement and maintain. The Glint platform is ready to run. Out-of-the box engagement drivers, questions and role-based views allow HR professionals to focus on diagnosis and manager coaching, not administration. Elegant, configurable presentation reports help communicate results with leaders and employees. On-demand permissioning with access-control rules lets HR leaders roll out results to executives or all managers easily.

What's your organizational chemistry quotient? Request a demo of Glint. Visit Glint at to read case studies and learn how other organizations are using Glint to increase engagement in real time.

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