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Friday, October 2, 2015
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For the special white papers in this section, we asked leaders from vendor companies to offer their takes on the trends that are shaping the HR profession at this time. On the following pages, they share their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics, from team productivity and employee engagement to shifts in the job market and technology's role in dealing with the impact of the Affordable Care Act. As you read on, we hope you come away equipped with some knowledge and insights that you can apply within your organization.

Read the white papers:

Aligning HRIT Delivery and Saas

Harnessing Big Data: The Human-Capital-Management Journey to Achieving Growth

High Touch and High Tech: Finding the Balance to Create Workplace Vitality¬ô

Employee Retirement Plans -- Does One Size Really Ever Fit All?

Sleeping With the Enemy: Why HR Must Co-opt CEOs

Two Major Job-Seeker Shifts Happening and What You Need to Know Now

The New Chemistry of Employee Engagement

Today's New Employee-Engagement Approach Requires Different Technology

The HR-Leadership Revolution -- Will You Thrive?

5 Tips for HR to Prepare for the Road Ahead

Analytics for Hire: How Data Impacts the Future of Recruiting

Maximize Team Productivity with Relatability

Inspiring Workplace Wellness with Incentives

New Study Exposes Universal Challenges for Talent-Acquisition Leaders

Complex Labor Regulations Raise the Stakes

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10 Practical Ideas for More Passionate Employees

Conquer the Affordable Care Act with Technology

Bigger Isn't Always Better

ACA Compliance, Private Exchanges and Wellness: Insights from the bswift Benefits Study

Four Steps to Reduce Employee-Reduction Costs

The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Organization

A New Approach for Managing Health-and-Wellness Benefits


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