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Thursday, September 3, 2015
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Your organization suffers when employees -- even those who are already working hard -- aren't reaching their full potential. In such a scenario, productivity takes a hit.

On the pages that follow, a handful of companies share tips on how to ensure your people are operating at peak efficiency, and offer examples of how they've provided tools to help clients increase their employees' productivity, from improving outdated, manual HR processes to reconfiguring talent-acquisition platforms so they can be used on a global basis throughout the organization.

As you read their insights and success stories, we hope you find some advice and examples that you can apply within your own organization, as you work to maximize your workforce's overall output.

Read the strategies:

Taking Benefits to a New Level with Advocacy Services

Tackling the Challenges of Intermittent FMLA

Using Dedicated Talent-Acquisition Technology to Increase Alignment and Productivity

The Mouth is the Missing Piece of Total Wellness

A Case Study in Engagement: Burger King Employees Have It Their Way with Paycom

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