Radio Show #171

Naomi Lee Bloom, Managing Partner, In Full Bloom

Thursday, January 8, 2015
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Naomi Lee Bloom has stayed our top HR tech guru and thought-leader for more than a decade by always having something new to share. Now hear her thoughts on the future of work and workers.


She believes HR is spending too much time fighting the last war – over Engagement, Performance Management and Recruiting – and not enough time focused on the growing bifurcation of the workforce into haves and have-nots, whose work increasingly will be done by smart machines and humanoid robots.


Some of her questions include: What do HR leaders need to do today? How can technology help them? Why does HR need to collaborate deeply with Finance, Procurement, and the Line of Business? What are the new societal and regulatory issues?


Don’t miss this second program of The Bill Kutik Radio Show® joining forces with HRE after nearly seven years of webcasting to continue bringing you the most important people in HR and HR technology sharing what they’re thinking about, not what they’re selling.


Managing partner of Bloom & Wallace, Naomi Lee Bloom is one of the most renowned consultants, advisors, speakers, writers, influencers, and thought leaders in the HR technology industry. She has advised many large corporate clients and several generations of HRM software vendors and outsourcing providers on everything from HR/business strategy to product/service design. Today she is a strategic mentor to select organizations and to colleagues advancing the state of enterprise class HR technology.


Naomi built and maintained the only vendor-neutral HRM object model and implied application architecture “starter kit,” which was licensed widely across the industry. Her work made a significant contribution to many of today's best SaaS HRMS and talent management applications and to the expertise of their product strategy and development teams. In 1995, Naomi received IHRIM's Summit Award for contributions to the industry.


Naomi is widely published, including her blog, and a sought-after speaker. She is a major HR influencer on Twitter as @InFullBloomUS. Naomi has been a general session speaker at the annual HR Technology Conference since its inception in 1998 and keynote speaker at the independent HR Technology Europe conference. She is a Fellow of the Human Resource Policy Institute at Boston University's Graduate School of Management.


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