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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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What It Is: RecruitiFi is intended to offer organizations a new way to source talent by letting them select and post jobs to 250 expert recruiters from its membership pool of approximately 2,000. The recruiters are sorted by industry specialization and location, and are ranked based on RecruitiFi's proprietary algorithm that evaluates each recruiter's effectiveness. The platform acts as a single point of contact for both employers and recruiters. Price is $50 to post a job to up to 250 recruiters, and employers pay 14 percent of first-year salary only if they hire a candidate sourced through RecruitiFi within six months of the job post.

Why We Like It: What we like most about RecruitiFi is that it capitalizes on the work already done by an expert recruiter who has recently conducted a comparable search for what you may be looking for, and who already has vetted, qualified candidates who would be ideal for your open position. Using a crowd-sourced recruiting option such as this enables hiring managers to fill open positions with top talent in a quick, easy and less expensive way than traditional searches. We also really like that the product's functionality also includes stack-ranking of candidates as well as the recruiters, who can earn points for both submitting and placing candidates.

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