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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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What It Is: IBM Social Learning, powered by IBM Kenexa learning solutions and IBM social collaboration and analytics, is designed to help people engage with one another, contribute expertise and learn from others using interactive media in near real-time. IBM Social Learning is designed to streamline the learning process by applying analytics and helping reveal opportunities to optimize content, improve efficiency and increase learning materials' longevity and relevance. It also gives employees the opportunity to connect to company-wide experts in any time zone who can answer questions in discussion forums or via live chat. The typical cost for IBM Social Learning is dependent on the size of the customer deployment and ranges between $200,000 and $600,000. 

Why We Like It: Social platforms are being touted as saviors in a variety of HR areas. IBM Social Learning offers the fun of a social-platform atmosphere with advanced analytics, learning management and a learning-content management system -- in a single solution. While video is its mainstay, it goes well beyond a simple corporate "YouTube" video experience. It's easy to see how people can engage, contribute expertise and learn from others. They can create and join communities based on a common job profile, interest, career-development path or onboarding plan. Since all questions are stored in the database at the exact time that they were asked, employers can learn specifically where learning content is most sought and where users have the most questions -- a surefire way to gauge where content can be improved or where discussions can be added on new thinking or materials. It even has an automatic transcription service for transcribing video content -- a fantastic time saver.

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