2014 Top Product Winner: Halogen 1:1 Exchange

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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What It Is: Halogen 1:1 Exchange is a one-on-one meeting-management tool that works with other Halogen TalentSpace modules and is designed to spur greater communication, collaboration and coaching. It lets managers facilitate ongoing regular meetings with their employees to review and track goals and development plans, and discuss a variety of other organizational or employee-specific topics. Employees, meanwhile, can use the exchanges to ask questions, clarify expectations, share progress and get feedback on their performance. The module tracks the frequency of these one-on-one meetings to provide employers with evidence these discussions are occurring and correlates the impact they are having on performance ratings, engagement scores and turnover. Agendas are automatically generated based on an employee's recent activity in the Halogen TalentSpace suite. Notes from meetings are securely captured so they can be later accessed to ensure questions were answered, actions completed and issues resolved. Subscription pricing for this Software-as-a-Service tool starts at 100 licenses; the cost is approximately $18.50 per year per employee. 

Why We Like It: There's no denying the value of getting managers and employees to openly talk more about goals, development plans and ongoing issues. But understanding the importance of these kinds of conversations is one thing; making them happen is something entirely different. Often both parties might shy away from holding such meetings, and if they do happen, they're very often ineffective. Enter Halogen 1:1 Exchange, a truly unique tool designed to ensure these conversations happen in a meaningful way on a more regular basis. As we've come to expect with Halogen's solutions, the software features an intuitive interface and is easy to navigate. But it's 1:1 Exchange's ability to successfully address the uncharted world of manager-employee relations that earns it a place on this year's Top Products list. We think managers will especially appreciate the way the tool guides them through the discussion process. HR executives and other leaders, meanwhile, will welcome the tool's ability to track the frequency with which these meetings occur and trace the impact they're having on employee performance and engagement.

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