Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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2014 Top Product Winner:

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What It Is: is a new ad-exchange platform that allows employers to promote their open, hard-to-fill positions on a "pay-per-applicant" basis, across a network of approximately 6,000 career and consumer sites through the use of programmatic, rules-based ad buying. Rather than paying per word (as one would when placing a classified ad), per posting (via job boards), or per click (via job aggregators), allows employers to set their own price on a 'cost-per-applicant' basis within the Appcast Publisher Network. Meanwhile, the process works with all applicant-tracking systems and is invisible to both recruiters and candidates. The application is free to deploy.

Why We Like It: With no long-term commitments or monthly fees, we like that's model provides risk-free leverage for employers by only charging them when a job seeker actually completes an application on their ATS. This helps ensure that hiring managers are only promoting the hard-to-fill jobs that actually need applicants and, therefore, are staying within their budgets. And the sophistication of's metrics can also provide deep insights into the hiring process, such as the actual time -- down to the second -- a job seeker takes to fill out an application. Similar to Google's AdWords, this product truly has the potential to change the way employers purchase recruitment media.

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