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Automating Social-Media Campaigns

This article accompanies Finding Needles in Haystacks.

Monday, July 21, 2014
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Despite some disadvantages, LinkedIn, as well as other social-media sites, can provide the basis for hiring campaigns. For example, products from companies such as San Mateo-based Jobvite can help automate that process in a number of ways. It can remind recruiters to send out regular messages to people they found on social media as well as people who had, at > some point, expressed an interest in their companies. It can also automate part of the process of creating short lists, allowing recruiters to focus on the best candidates.

American Wedding Group, a national provider of wedding photography, video and disc jockeys, uses Jobvite to fill positions in the 60 markets the company is in. Scott Mitchell, director of productions < at the Huntingdon Valley, Pa.-based company, says AWG "had seven people trying to keep track of candidates in those markets using notebooks -- one for each market; it was very slow and not efficient."

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Using Jobvite to automate the process of keeping track of candidates, his company was able to hire 438 people during the last nine months, compared to about 250 people during the best years.

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