Feedback from "A Sad - But Not Unexpected - Breakup"


Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Write To The Editor Reprints

To the editor:

I applaud Ms. Meisinger for addressing this.  The lack of information coming from SHRM is indeed baffling and irritating.

She wrote "...I'm disappointed in SHRM for the way it handled its seemingly abrupt decision to enter the certification business." 


Donna Dean

Human Resources Director

St. Joseph's Indian School

Chamberlain, S.D.


To the editor:

I am so glad that Sue Meisinger didn't shy away from the controversial SHRM/HRCI separation.  She tackled the issues, and the many concerns it raises, head-on.  I too was shocked that SHRM, always a strong believer in going to the right audience (usually our employees) when making substantial changes, didn't follow its own advice and seek out input from its strong, professional membership. 

For both organizations, which fought so hard to have us deserve, and be recognized for, a "seat at the table," this is a very poorly addressed issue outside of the respective walls within Alexandria, Virginia.  I just hope that we, the loyal, dedicated members of SHRM who have worked hard for our professional certification, aren't the ones used as pawns in the certification power-play.

Frank Miller, SPHR

Employee Relations Manager

Human Resources

White Memorial Medical Center

Los Angeles


RE: Susan Meisinger's SHRM/HRCI Column

Well written and full of candor. I appreciate the column.

Yes, I agree, very sad.

Cheryl J Forlines, SPHR

Career Development Programs Manager

East Moline, IL


Subject: "A Sad -- But Not Surprising -- Breakup" - WONDERFUL ARTICLE!!!

Thank you!  This was hugely helpful.

Sue Neal

HR Director

Republic National Distributing Co.

Grand Prairie, TX 


Subject: Thank you

Good Morning -

Susan Meisinger's article on the SHRM/HRCI "divorce" was most informative. Coming from someone who knows both organizations, it gave me a better understanding of the dynamics behind the move and some insight into what the future may hold.

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I must say that I am disappointed about the split. In this increasingly interconnected world, I believe the best ventures are those that creatively seek interdependence and "co-opertition". I don't believe the HR professional customer base will be well served by this change.

I will eagerly await additional information from each of the organizations directly, hoping they can explain how the move will help me and their other customers and not just their internal needs.

Stacy Gilmour, SPHR

Vice President of Human Resources

Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

Ware, MA


Subject: Article by Susan Meisinger

Dear Susan,

I want to thank you for writing the article concerning the SHRM certification "issues."

As a 24-year active member of SHRM who has supported and paid for my organization's HR staff to belong to SHRM, attend the annual national conference, and have staff certified, the way this has been communicated was very troubling.  I have spent my career in the not-for-profit world, and when I received the first communication I felt insulted.  Insulted because I thought "do they think they can just put a PR spin and sell job on its membership without explaining what is really going on."

If the leadership of SHRM had put out a letter like you wrote I think there would be more respect - maybe not agreement - but at least a sense of respect for the leadership.

Again, thank you for taking the time and courage to give some insight to what is going on at SHRM.

Cliff Reyle, SPHR

Chief Human Resource and Information Officer

Youth Villages

Memphis, Tenn.

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