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Monday, October 1, 2012
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What It Is: Released in July 2011, SeeMore is a cloud-based platform that uses Monster's 6Sense semantic-search technology to manage a company's resume databases. Employers are able to use the product to search through various talent pools (job boards, social networks and applicant-tracking systems) in order to identify and access talent. It uses 6Sense to understand the concepts and context in skills, experience and education, with the aim of finding and ranking candidates who otherwise might be missed. Users can also connect to third-party applications or widgets using Monster's API. Pricing varies based on size of company, but starts at less than $20,000 for a small employer.

Why We Like It: With last year's release of SeeMore, Monster has taken its 6Sense semantic search technology to the next level. True, semantic search is hardly new. But finding meaningful ways to apply this technology, as Monster has successfully done here, continues to be rare, especially in the world of recruiting. Thanks to SeeMore, Monster -- best known for its job board -- has made the task of finding that "needle in the haystack" a lot easier. Instead of having to separately scour through multiple resources and talent pools (including in-house candidates), SeeMore puts everything in one place on the cloud. Undoubtedly, many employers will also appreciate the tool's ability to generate analytics that can be used for forecasting future staffing needs.

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