2012 Top Product Winner: Scavado

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Monday, October 1, 2012
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What It Is: Scavado is a web-based platform for recruiters to find passive candidates online and build a pipeline of prospects to recruit by pulling from many different areas of the web, including business networks, social profiles, posted resumes and CVs, employee profiles, trade associations, alumni groups and press releases. In addition to simple Internet sourcing, the product also allows users to bookmark search results, build out profiles with contact information and save everything into a pipeline report that can be managed in Scavado or exported and shared with business leaders. Price starts at $169 per user per month with a one-year commitment, or $399 per user per month with a monthly commitment.

Why We Like It: In many ways, Scavado takes talent search to a new level. While its search power is certainly impressive, we also really like its functionality and its tools for helping managers track progress, including the ability to track the search histories of their team members. The pipeline reports can serve as deliverables for hiring managers to see that progress is being made to fill important open positions. The research tools provided within the product also add to its functionality, by identifying competitors to recruit from, alternate job titles and other key words to help users identify the most relevant results. But perhaps the best reason for liking Scavado is that it helps recruiters cut down the time they spend on searches, thereby increasing the time they spend contacting the right prospects.

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