2012 Top Product Winner: Qualtrics 360

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Monday, October 1, 2012
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What It Is: Qualtrics 360 is a global repository for employee evaluations and measurement tools. Companies can use it in a variety of ways: to design employee evaluations from scratch, access a library of off-the-shelf assessment resources for innovative ideas, combine elements from various evaluations into one, or even buy an evaluation offered by another company. CEO video messages, graphics or audio messages can also be incorporated into the assessment. Likewise, users can define specific competencies that need to be measured, develop their own evaluation criteria and either create their own list of assessment questions or choose them from a long list developed by academics.

Why We Like It: Everything on Qualtrics 360 can be done on the fly. Tasks such as translating an evaluation form from English into Farsi -- or any other language -- take just several seconds. The reports are pretty cool, too, especially because they can be customized. Maybe managers want to review employee evaluations side-by-side so they can rate staff more fairly? No problem. Or, perhaps HR wants to review previous evaluations of an employee who is being considered for a promotion? Easily done. For a product offering this much depth and flexibility, Qualtrics 360 requires surprisingly little training. Users can be up and running, easily navigating their way through the basic system, after two hours of training. The technology can also store employee evaluations and reports for years, enabling both HR and managers to pull up assessments as far as back as the company needs. This really does everything they could possibly want -- except turn off the lights.

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