On Cancer Survival and Hiring Tips

Monday, October 1, 2012
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Jim Roddy, president of Jameson Publishing in Erie, Pa., just wrote a book titled Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, to drive home his newfound perspective on just how crucial it is to hire the right people -- gained through his own bout with colon cancer at age 32.

I was especially taken by this excerpt from the book: "Too often, we hire people whose full potential and ambition are invested in performing the jobs they're hired for. Then, when we need more from them, they're not able or willing to go the extra mile. Your goal should be to have at all times (or be working toward) at least one employee with the skills, personality, character, mapping, ambition, and technical competence to take over your position right away."

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So happens the Sept. 16 Human Resource Executive® cover story reveals just how much work is still needed by CHROs to find and develop their own replacements. One survey the writer cites shows a pretty dismal number of CHROs who were developed and hired from within their organizations last year -- a pretty clear indication of how few top HR executives are actually selecting and preparing their top subordinates to take over their jobs -- tomorrow, if need be.

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