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Sunday, September 16, 2012
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Job-Search Optimization

Preptel Corp. has launched Preptel 2.0, a job-seeker optimization website that searches for positions that job-seeking users have the best chance of getting, while ranking the probability of the user landing the job.

The new site, which foregoes Preptel's previous monthly subscription fees, now aggregates job descriptions and applications from various sites such as, and LinkedIn, for example, into one place. Preptel's Resumeter measures the user's likelihood of securing an interview -- and ultimately the job -- based on a series of compatibility markers. The system then searches for relevant jobs and suggests positions starting with those that best fit the applicant's qualifications. In addition, Preptel creates a timeline of the application process for each job, warning users of deadlines if they are about to lose an opportunity. Other Preptel tools include built-in interview guides, salary range information and resume tips.


Preptel Corp., Danville, Calif.

Case Management

Column Technologies has released Column Case 3.0, a workflow-driven, web-based case management HR service delivery software platform.

The latest version includes improved features and capabilities such as enhanced security and permissions, data and relationship management, approvals, service-level agreement and performance management, notification and email engine, documentation and file management, knowledge management, task management, a configuration and customization layer, user-configurable dashboards and additional reports.

Column Technologies, Downers Grove, Ill.

Wellness Application

Preventure has unveiled the PureRunner Smart Phone Application, which is designed to streamline the tracking of employees' physical activity, and provide workers with access to health and fitness information at their convenience.

Users can monitor and sync their physical activity right to their personal smart phone. Participants involved in walking programs, for example, can use their phones as pedometers, while others can use the application to maintain a log of their overall cardiovascular activity. The program also allows for Facebook and Twitter integration, and provides Google Earth maps with virtual routes.

Preventure Corporate Wellness, Coventry, R.I.

Global-Screening Solution

LexisNexis Risk Solutions released a global-screening solution that includes the capability to support background checking in a unified service and online interface.

LexisNexis' "one-solution worldwide" program is designed to be different from traditional, basic global-screening services by including a comprehensive reach into more than 225 countries and territories.

It also utilizes proprietary global operations centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore; uses advanced technology and a uniform platform- delivery system; and presents results in a consistent format, regardless of which partner fulfills the search or where the screening order is filled.

The solution uses a proprietary, automated "compliance engine" that only allows users to order searches that LexisNexis has determined to be generally available for employment purposes.

It also includes an automating data capture for global screening-consent forms with the LexisNexis Candidate data-capture tool.

LexisNexis, Dayton, Ohio

Predictive Analytics

Evolv has expanded its Foresight analytics platform to include end-to-end workforce intelligence technology that's designed to use predictive analytics to help businesses measure, understand and improve hourly employee performance.

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The platform systematically mines data from client-employee tracking systems, econometric datasets such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor as well as its own network of client data, and then interprets that data to help employers understand employee capabilities and work styles, as well as employee engagement and attitude. Based on that data, the platform recommends specific actions, and measures the impact of those actions to further identify areas for improvement.

Client recommendations are delivered via Evolv's Workforce Insights Suite, a web portal where operations, human resource and other end users can review individual employee information. This information includes prediction ranking on attrition and performance likelihood, competency and behavioral materials to enable training and development, as well as analytics on workforce productivity and employee engagement.

Evolv, San Francisco

Ask an HR Expert

RiseSmart, an outplacement-solutions provider, launched its HR advice service titled "Ask An Expert," through which HR professionals can submit questions about downsizing, workforce reductions, unemployment and other HR issues to thought leaders in the industry.

The service's first expert is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of human resources, China Gorman, chief executive officer of the CMG Group. A former chief operating officer of SHRM, Gorman has held leadership roles in human capital management for more than 25 years. Prior to joining SHRM in 2007, Gorman had tenures as president at two of the largest career- transition consultancies: Lee Hecht Harrison -- where she also served as chief operating officer -- and DBM North America.

The service is designed to guide professionals in the industry by providing data- and experience-driven answers to their questions, and to provide a new way to answer important questions and provide HR news and updates.

RiseSmart, San Jose, Calif.

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