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Goodbye, Resume? Not so Fast, Experts Say

Sunday, September 16, 2012
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Jeanne Meister pointed to the death of the resume in her July 23, 2012 piece for Forbes. "Forget the resume," she said, "today, employers pay more attention to candidates' web presence . . .."

She's not the first. This January, a Wall Street Journal article suggested that more companies were relying on social networks to source candidates, highlighting an example of a venture-capital firm that asked applicants for an investment-analyst position to send links representing their web presence.

While there's no question the Internet and the advent of social media tools like LinkedIn have markedly changed the recruitment landscape, in reality, the role of the resume remains prominent for the vast majority of HR professionals and recruiters.

Matt Kerr is director of executive search and talent at BPI group, a global management and HR consulting firm based in Chicago. "Stating that traditional resumes are passe or outdated would require that something take their place," says Kerr. "What exactly is that?" Social-media platforms are significantly important, he says, but adds: "Once a potential candidate is identified and contacted and a match and mutual interest is established, it's highly likely a resume will be requested that lists accomplishments."

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Still, there are some signs that changes may be afoot.

Tom Thomson, a recruiter with Sanford Rose Associates, based in the Nashville area, says he has presented a few candidates to employers without resumes. Instead, he has used their LinkedIn profiles. But, he adds: "I prefer to have a resume ... to see what jobs [they] held and what they accomplished ... ."

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