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This note is in response to Why Do Women Still Earn Less Than Men?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
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Dear editor,

Wake up! Women are trained from a very early age to gravitate toward certain jobs. All you have to do is look at TV commercials, and it is easy to spot gender segregation and to see how children are brainwashed into believing they belong in certain professions based on X or Y genes. And oh, by the way, those professions that female children and adults occupy in the media are lower paying than the ones for the males.

It is not women's biological clocks but rather their programming that guides their career choices. Your article is insulting to woman by insisting that family issues play an important part in career choices for woman and silently implying that it is not a factor for men. The glass ceiling is bloody with women trying to break through it, and your 'enlightened' research isn't helping the situation by constantly focusing on the misguided notion that only women are concerned with work/life balance. Men are concerned about it, but they simply take time off when needed. Women are expected to be at work.

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Do us all a favor, professors, get your heads out of the text books, stop talking about the "employment landscape" and all your other fancy nomenclature, and go watch TV. You will have enough raw data on gender segregation to last you for the rest of your lives.


Maria Marsilio

Director of Human Resources

Sunridge Farms

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