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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
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Improving the Candidate Experience

Survale unveiled its new candidate satisfaction and career-site optimization platform, designed to allow employers to gather feedback and traffic analytics to help them serve candidates better.

The Survale Candidate Satisfaction platform is designed to engage candidates by asking them for feedback on the company and their hiring process in real time.

The platform is designed to combine that qualitative data with career-site traffic analytics to show recruiters exactly where they lose candidates in the hiring process, and the resulting metrics are shown to users in a simple dashboard and are benchmarked across the client base so recruiters can see how their results stack up.

The platform is delivered as a SaaS solution.

Survale, Santa Rosa, Calif.

Corporate Giving Platform

Snoball Inc. released a new version of its online platform,, designed to allow socially responsible businesses to engage their employees, customers and stakeholders in charitable giving.

Utilizing a SaaS delivery model, users can create personalized parameters for donations to nearly 2 million IRS-approved charities and nonprofits included in the platform's database. The parameters are known as snoballs -- specific conditions or events that trigger a charitable gift and are often tied to an individual's social interests and passions -- for example, "Every time we exceed quarterly sales targets, I will donate $25 to the United Way."

The platform is designed to integrate data and metrics tied to key performance indicators from business tools such as and Yammer. It is also designed with configurable dashboards to provide detailed reporting and analysis across a number of user-defined variables, including city, office, department, function, manager, etc.

Snoball Inc., Austin, Texas

Human Capital Metrics

Towers Watson launched its new iPad application designed to provide human resource professionals with a preview of the company's Human Capital Metrics database.

The database is designed to be one of the industry's most robust single-source databases for workforce data and analytics. The app is designed to showcase select snapshots and sample reports of metrics and benchmarks from the company's database, including retention, turnover and labor costs that are critical for organizations measuring and comparing the cost and effectiveness of their HR programs.

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After downloading the app, users will see key features, including: data for workforce-related metrics, the ability to trend HCM benchmark data over the past three years; the ability to add an organization's own data for comparison to HCM benchmarks; and the ability to email any chart for review by others.

Towers Watson, New York


Available at Apple's App Store

Social Recruiting Software

HR Services Inc. released its new product, myStaffingPro Elevate, recruiting software designed to integrate social media with an organization's applicant tracking system.

Designed to encompass social-media tools, job distribution, network building and career-site functionality, the product is also designed to reduce time and cost to hire. The software is designed to allow users to automate job-board postings, Facebook and LinkedIn "sharing" and other methods for getting the word out and bringing quality applicants on board.

A new guide to tapping social technologies for human resources, entitled From Talent Pools to Talent Communities, is also available through the company.

HR Services Inc., Lima, Ohio

myStaffingPro is free to all customers.

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