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Tuesday, May 1, 2012
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These top 25 most-read stories give you an idea of what HR professionals have been most interested in reading about on HREOnline since that time.

1 LinkedIn Messages Spark a Lawsuit

By Andrew R. McIlvaine

The use of social-networking sites to breach the terms of noncompete agreements will be the focus of an unprecedented lawsuit filed by an IT staffing firm against a former employee. Chances are, the courts will rule that it's the message, not the medium, that matters, experts say.  
June 1, 2010

2 Tough Times for Federal Workers

By Julie Davidson, cyberFEDS® Editorial Director

As Congress continues to debate the size of the federal workforce -- as well as employee benefits -- workers have contended with pay freezes and ongoing uncertainty. On the positive side of this Year in Review, a new performance-management framework has been unveiled, and diversity and inclusion plans were released.  
December 13, 2011

3 Project Oxygen

By Andrew R. McIlvaine

The research project helped Google identify practices and procedures that set apart good and not-so-good managers. This article accompanied Powered from Within, which named Prasad Setty as one of HR's Rising Stars. His boss at Google, Laszlo Bock, was later named the 2010 HR Executive of the Year
July 1, 2010

4 Alternatives to Layoffs

By Peter Cappelli, Talent Management Columnist

Cutting wages or hours across the board in an attempt to save jobs would save more money and be less agonizing than layoffs. But too few companies even consider such alternatives, possibly more due to psychological reasons than fiscal ones.  
January 5, 2009

5 Best HR Ideas for 2010

By HRE Editorial Staff

In their second annual competition aimed at recognizing HR programs and initiatives that make a difference for the profession and the workforce in a very unique way, the editors of HRE announce their choices of the most noteworthy ideas launched in 2009.  
March 1, 2010

6 Managing the 'Difficult' Employee

By Peter Cappelli, Talent Management Columnist

A new study finds that about one in five workers have a personality disorder that negatively impacts their career and the workplace. But while the research suggests that such disorders (particularly among women) can have a significant impact on business outcomes, HR leaders should nonetheless tread carefully as they craft a response.  
June 20, 2011

7 Best HR Ideas for 2009

By HRE Editorial Staff

The editors of HRE announce their top picks for ideas launched this past year that helped strengthen productivity, boost morale and engagement, and put a well-deserved spotlight on the creative powers within HR.  
March 2, 2009

8 The End of Human Resources as We Know It

By Daniel Kaplan, managing partner in the New York headquarters executive search firm of CTPartners

The challenges are great, and a new kind of HR executive is emerging to meet them. In the process, these strategic leaders are turning our traditional concept of human resources on its head. Here are five major forces that are driving the changes that will end HR as we know it by the year 2020.  
October 2, 2011

9 Relearning FMLA

By Keisha-Ann G. Gray, Legal Clinic Columnist

It's out with the old and in with the new, as updated FMLA regulations go into effect. In the first of two columns on the subject, we look at the changes in definitions and eligibility, including the expansion of FMLA rights for military families and an extended timeframe for making FMLA decisions.  
January 26, 2009

10 HR Fiddles While Organizations Burn

By Margaret Morford, president of The HR Edge, a management training and consulting firm

HR leaders who strategically contribute to their organizations are making huge differences -- but they are few and far between. Too many HR professionals focus on compliance and HR metrics, when they should be focusing on crafting programs that can make a strategic difference to their organization. And they must lose their fear of taking risks.  
July 11, 2011

11 HR Implications of Healthcare Reform

By Peter Cappelli, Talent Management Columnist

The recently signed healthcare legislation offers an interesting array of challenges and incentives for employers both big and small. One change is that offering healthcare benefits will no longer be a big source of advantage in recruiting for larger organizations.  
March 29, 2010

12 Let's Talk Payroll ... Payroll?!?

By Bill Kutik, HR Technology Columnist

Payroll gets no respect, unfortunately, except when it breaks. Now the two largest companies providing it as an outsourced service -- ADP and Ceridian -- are undertaking similar radical restructurings of all their HR products and how they sell them. While facing beefed-up competition, as always.  
March 7, 2011

13 Are We Mismanaging Our Top Talent?

By Peter Cappelli, Talent Management Columnist

Asked why they left their past jobs, a group of high performers didn't offer the usual "I hate my boss" or even "I don't fit." Their unhappiness with their former employers boiled down to questions of fairness. And there might not be a solution to be found in today's organizations.  
December 7, 2009

14 Terms of Engagement

By Scott Flander

Employee engagement is becoming top of mind for CEOs and boards at the nation's largest companies, but just what it is -- and how best to measure it has many HR executives scratching their heads.  
January 1, 2008

15 Brace Yourselves!

By Scott Flander

Whoever wins this historic presidential race, HR professionals should prepare themselves for some dramatic changes in employment law and labor activity.  
September 1, 2008

16 After 60 Years, ADP Opens Its Doors

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By Bill Kutik, HR Technology Columnist

ADP finally lets outsiders into its annual user conference. It's part of a long-time, but intensifying effort to reposition itself as more than a payroll company. ADP now sells nearly everything HR buys, but questions remain about how well all those pieces work together.  
April 5, 2010

17 FMLA Obligations

By Keisha-Ann G. Gray, Legal Clinic Columnist

In this second column on the Family and Medical Leave Act, questions this month address an employee's right to have the same job after returning from FMLA leave as well as some of the complexities dealing with intermittent leave.  
February 23, 2009

18 Signs of Bad Times Ahead

By Bill Kutik, HR Technology Columnist

You can call it girding your loins, battening down the hatches, or another cliche you prefer, but HR technology companies are facing what nearly all assume is going to be a very tough year. There have already been layoffs, but also some original thinking for coping with hard times.  
January 12, 2009

The HR Personality

By Scott Flander

Data compiled exclusively for HRE suggests that while HR leaders share many personality traits with others in the C-suite, there are some key differences that could impact your effectiveness.  
February 1, 2008

20 Inventing the Future of HR

By Paul Gallagher

Pressed by growing global demands, HR executives at Hewlett-Packard Co. needed a tool to help them stay competitive now and in the future. What they came up with could be a game-changer.  
April 1, 2010

21 SuccessFactors Does It Again!

By Bill Kutik, HR Technology Columnist

While its recent acquisitions of Inform and CubeTree have grabbed most of the headlines for SuccessFactors, please pay a little attention to how the company continues to hurtle down a collision course with every HRMS vendor in our world.  
June 1, 2010

22 My Grudge Against LinkedIn

By Bill Kutik, HR Technology Columnist

The most successful social network for business people, LinkedIn was much in the news recently following $53 million in new funding. What no reports said, including The New York Times, is how LinkedIn has betrayed the trust of its members.  
June 30, 2008

23 The Cube at 40

By Bob Calandra

The ubiquitous office design has its detractors, with one being the designer himself. But it's clear the cubicle is here to stay, and some supporters say it makes the best of a difficult situation. To create acceptance, HR leaders should involve employees in redesign decisions.  
January 2, 2008

24 Is HR Becoming a Profession?

By Peter Cappelli, Talent Management Columnist

A new study looks at some of the changes in backgrounds and skills of human resource leaders of Fortune 100 companies that took place over the past decade. The results dispute some conventional wisdom surrounding HR and illuminate some interesting findings.  
April 26, 2010

25 Millennial Magnets

By Scott Flander

HRE presents an exclusive list of companies young workers find particularly inviting, with some employer best practices included.  
April 1, 2008

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