Best HR Ideas for 2012: MySource Acquisition Module

This idea by Qualcomm in San Diego is one of the Best HR Ideas for 2012. See the rest of them here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012
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At Qualcomm, a company that both builds its own HR software and regularly acquires other companies, the HR/IT folks have crafted a new tool perfectly suited to its needs: a module within its homegrown MySource HRIS designed to make the integration and onboarding of an acquired company's employees much easier for everyone.

The module enables one-step uploading of employee data from the company being acquired, both before and after the acquisition closes. It allows employees of firms being acquired to review and accept electronic offer letters, input their key information, complete the benefits-enrollment process, and view online videos and interactive pages to learn about Qualcomm. Internal business units are automatically notified to provide the new employees with network access, workspaces, computers and everything else they'll need to begin their new jobs.

New employees are also assigned a data element unique to their acquisition, which makes for easy reporting, grouping and generation of metrics throughout their time at Qualcomm, says HRMS manager Gary Morlock.

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The module is, according to Bersin & Associates analyst Kathryn Jones, "quite intriguing."

"I've seen products that can do little bits of this, but not to the depth that this one can," says Jones, who reviewed the entry. "The technology is quite interesting."

Since implementing the module early last year, Qualcomm has completed 12 acquisitions, ranging in size from six to nearly 1,900 employees. MySource Acquisition "saved countless hours" and helped make "a great first impression" on employees joining the company, says Morlock.

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