HRE Poll Results on Engagement Surveys

Most HR leaders said they found value in the information received from surveys on employee satisfaction or engagement, and nearly all organizations shared at least some of the information with their workers.

This article accompanies Beyond Engagement.

Thursday, March 1, 2012
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In an exclusive Human Resource Executive® poll of senior HR leaders, we find that nearly three in five (59 percent) of respondents conduct ongoing employee satisfaction or engagement surveys.

According to the 755 HR professionals who responded to the online survey, about half (54 percent) of organization survey employees on their levels of satisfaction and engagement annually, compared to one-quarter who do so every two years. Eight percent survey employees every three years, 4 percent do it quarterly, and 9 percent answered "other."

The most highly ranked "other" timeframes for such surveys were, in order, every 18 months, every six months, and "as needed" or not yet a process. Some HR professionals said their organization targeted surveys to new employees, and others cited the use of both formal and informal employee polls.

The value of such information derived from such surveys was "significant" (41 percent) or "somewhat significant" (46 percent) to employee engagement and satisfaction at the respondents' organizations. Four percent said it was "very" or "somewhat" insignificant, while the remainder said it was "neither significant nor insignificant."

Nearly all organizations (92 percent) share survey results with employees, while 5 percent did not and 3 percent were unsure.

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About four in five (79 percent) of the respondents said their organizations were either "effective" or "somewhat effective" at taking "concrete actions based on survey results." Nine percent said they were "ineffective" or "somewhat ineffective," while the reminder of respondents said they were "neither effective nor ineffective."

About half (51 percent) of the respondents update their survey questions annually, 30 percent do it every two years, 16 percent revise them every three years or more, and 3 percent do it quarterly.

More than two-thirds (68 percent) use a third-party vendor to assist in designing and implementing engagement surveys, while nearly one-third (31 percent) do not. Two percent were not sure.

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