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This note is in response to Women's Tug of War

Thursday, December 29, 2011
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Julie Cook Ramirez's article, "Women's Tug of War," in the Dec. 8, 2011 issue of Human Resource Executive® does an outstanding job highlighting the challenges companies in emerging markets face with regard to cultivating a gender-balanced workforce. 

Women are faced with competing priorities between home and the workplace on a daily basis.  I was impressed with the programs Ernst & Young launched to engage their female employees (i.e., Family Days and safe rides home). 

More organizations need to evaluate how focusing on women in the workplace enhances their reputation and increases employee engagement.  Avatar HR Solutions' Research Institute has found that the key drivers of engagement differ between men and women.  As a result, the institute created a LinkedIn group called "Employee Engagement -- Women in the Workplace" for business leaders and HR professionals (both men and women) who are interested in engaging women in the workplace, identifying their key drivers of engagement and measuring their engagement level. 

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In order to create a culture which attracts and retains top talent, organizations must understand the different drivers of engagement for men versus women and should implement best practices accordingly.

Jessica A. Junak

Business Development Manager

Avatar HR Solutions

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