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Thursday, December 1, 2011
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Figuring out which companies earned a spot on the "Most Admired for HR" list involves extensive calculating.

Philadelphia-based management consulting firm Hay Group first teams up with Fortune magazine to determine the "Most Admired Companies."

They start with about 1,400 companies: the Fortune 1000 (the largest U.S. companies ranked by revenue), non-U.S. companies in Fortune's Global 500 database with revenues of $10 billion or more and the top foreign companies operating in the United States.

Hay Group then sorts those companies by industry and selects the 15 largest for each international industry and the 10 largest for each U.S. industry. All told, 673 companies from 32 countries were surveyed for this year's list.

In order to arrive at Fortune's "Most Admired Companies," Hay Group asked 4,100 executives, directors and analysts to rate companies in their own industries on nine criteria, from investment value to social responsibility, and identify the 10 companies they admire most.

To arrive at HRE's "Most Admired for HR" rankings, Hay Group recalibrated the Fortune numbers, isolating four criteria that have a bearing on HR (management quality, product/service quality, innovation and people management).

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