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Tuesday, November 1, 2011
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Recruiting-Management System

Peoplefluent, a provider of mobile and SaaS solutions for talent management and workforce compliance, has released version 5.0 of its Recruitment Management System, designed to eliminate the "hunt-and-search" approach to finding important information. The updated system has a platform-agnostic framework designed to better position the application to take advantage of mobile devices, including the iPad. This change is also designed to increase the number of browsers supported by the RMS, such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Version 5.0 features an updated, single sign-on interface to Peoplefluent's global RMS, designed to better align with user interface of its talent-management system. The recruiting portal user interface has also been updated and designed to improve hiring workflow navigation and visibility; includes dashboards that use drag-and-drop widgets that provide easy access; and a redesigned user interface that features interactive icons and intuitive navigation.

Application changes include the ability to view full lists of candidates, improved candidate search functionality, an "export-on-the-fly" capability, email spell check and calendar tools.

Price varies.

Peoplefluent, Raleigh, N.C.

Performance-Management Suite

Kenexa, a provider of business solutions for human resources, has launched Kenexa 2x Perform platform, designed to offer integrated, enterprise-class performance management, succession and compensation planning tools to drive organizational alignment and ensure top performers are retained and engaged.

The new platform is designed to complement the company's other integrated talent-management solutions by automating and integrating goals, appraisals, compensation, competencies, development, career pathing and succession planning. In addition, with targeted development plans and career paths that are aligned with both individual and organizational goals, the platform is designed to identify high-potentials and top performers.

The platform also was designed to integrate all talent-management functions and data, including a unified talent record, mobile tools and robust analytics, into one system that's intended to provide a consistent user interface, security features and reporting engine while also allowing for a customer's future global expansion.

Kenexa, Wayne, Pa.

Enterprise Talent Management

Lumesse, a provider of integrated talent-management solutions, has released Lumesse TalentLink Mobile, its mobile capability designed to better support enterprise talent management.

Available as Software as a Service for use on Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices, the mobile application is designed to support better decision-making, reduce process bottlenecks, provide instant insight into information regardless of time or location, and encourages greater collaboration.

The new offering is optimized for both slow and fast mobile connections, and among the capabilities offered are: a mobile-optimized security protocol to access user role-specific data and functionality; a user interface that delivers relevant, context-sensitive information based on profiles; the ability to access and update a mobile-friendly version of personal files to share with colleagues; access to candidate lists and the ability to invite people for interviews; and the ability to share job opportunities through social-media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Lumesse, Austin, Texas

Easier Pension Collection

Fidelity Investments has launched Collect Your Pension, a new online resource center designed to help workers on the verge of retirement make more informed decisions as they initiate the process of collecting their pensions.

The program, which is offered to Fidelity record-kept corporate pension plans nationwide, is designed to give retirement-age workers access to a series of online educational materials, including a five-minute instructional video, articles, links and checklists to help them through the process.

A three-step process is designed to allow workers to initiate their pension collection completely online or with assistance from phone representatives. Step 1 involves choosing a payment option; Step 2 helps workers decide where they want their money to go, i.e. into an IRA or 401(k) plan; and Step 3 allows workers to confirm and sign the necessary documents.

Individuals requesting lump-sum distributions are offered additional assistance through the program.

Fidelity Investments, Boston

Engagement Technology

Benefitfocus, a provider of healthcare and voluntary benefits software, has unveiled a series of new tools designed to improve consumer engagement and the benefits shopping and enrollment experience.

Among the new releases are the next generation of the plan shopping app, designed to help consumers understand the relationship between their healthcare usage and costs for different types of plans. Using the new tool, consumers can now estimate out-of-pocket medical costs based on industry averages, company averages or their actual claims data and access the plan shopping app on their smartphones. The company also introduced a new cost-tracking tool designed to help consumers see the impact on their paychecks as they enroll in their benefits.

The new total-compensation app is designed as an employee-education and retention tool, incorporating salary and benefit costs for the purpose of helping employees understand their company's financial commitment to their total compensation package. The app is designed to give employees access to their total-compensation statements throughout the year, online.

The new Benefitfocus Document Center is designed to eliminate paper processing for dependent verification and life events. When employees have life events that require paperwork, they can upload a photo of a marriage or birth certificate, or other form, into their document center for the HR team to approve. HR teams may also trigger email and SMS alerts and notify employees of documentation requirements or outstanding open-enrollment tasks.

Benefitfocus, Charleson, S.C.

Below are a number of noteworthy new product announcements made at this year's exposition. Other show-related product news can be found here.

New User Experience

SuccessFactors Inc. announced the latest advancements in BizX, its Business Execution suite, including a new user experience designed to help managers deliver higher-quality performance reviews.

The new team view feature is designed to help managers to ensure their reviews are consistent and fair across the team by requesting peer feedback from within the system, instead of emailing individual team members.

Administrators can activate SuccessFactors BizX Mobile for select individuals, groups or the entire company, from their administration screen, granting access to any or all mobile features, including employee profiles and org charts, mobile docs and feeds, and approvals and candidate feedback. It includes native BizX Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android-based tablets and devices.

Price varies.

SuccessFactors, San Mateo, Calif.

Mobilizing HR

SAP unveiled a series of mobile HR-based applications designed to help managers and employees execute HR-based requests on-the-go, including interviewing job candidates, managing employee performance, entering and approving leave requests, and accessing corporate key performance indicators.

The following new applications are planned for general availability before the end of this year: SAP Manager Insight, designed to provide managers with quick access to HR data, reports and KPIs, and to facilitate collaboration on HR topics and to capture follow-up actions; SAP Interview Assistant, designed to allow managers access to documents, capture information during candidate interviews and collaborate to act quickly during the hiring process; and SAP Employee Lookup, designed to provide access to employee and organizational information residing in the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution. Other new applications include SAP Leave Request, designed to allow employees to create and review leave requests; SAP Timesheet, designed to enable time entry to be captured immediately as work is performed; and SAP HR approvals, designed to allow managers to approve employees' HR-related requests.

SAP Manager Insight and SAP Interview Assistant will be available on Apple iPad, while the other apps will run on Apple iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones.

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SAP, Newtown Square, Pa.

Answering Critical Questions

SHL announced the upcoming launch of SHL Talent Analytics, intended to provide companies with answers to critical workforce questions.

The new solution lets users benchmark workforce potential and performance against comparable companies, and to provide evidence-based and scientifically researched guidance to help make more informed and effective talent management decisions.

The solution is designed to offer talent benchmarking abilities encompassing 40 industry sectors and 38 countries.

SHL, Atlanta

Organizational Social Matrix

SilkRoad technology inc. unveiled SilkRoad Point, its knowledge-sharing platform designed to give employees a forum to share expertise and be recognized by peers and leaders while simultaneously helping companies identify their highest performers and solve pressing business challenges. 

Point is designed to reveal employees' knowledge and contributions beyond what is known through traditional sources, such as a job description or performance review. It's also intended to deliver deeper insights into whom and what drives organizations by identifying and measuring influence by content, contributor and topic, thereby modeling an organization's "social matrix" that "points" to centers of influence, information and trends. Point's features include a personalized display and a peer-influence scoring system designed to encourage content sharing, collaboration and relationship-building.

SilkRoad technology inc., Chicago

Next-Generation Outplacement

RiseSmart introduced Transition Concierge 5.0, the newest release of its flagship corporate outplacement service.

New and enhanced features in the service include My Profile, which is designed to use enhanced resume parsing to make it simpler for jobseekers to enter their information, such as work experience, education and job preferences.

The My Connections feature uses social-media sites to help clients capitalize on their relationships with those at designated companies and in specified jobs by reaching out to them and requesting assistance. The Social Media Report Card feature provides users with a free assessment of their online and social-media presence, including a downloadable report on how to fine-tune their digital image. The My Companies feature lets users track companies they would like to work for and recommends new ones based on information provided. It includes background information on companies, including news, financials, lists of key people and maps of their locations.

RiseSmart, San Jose, Calif.

Mobile Applicant Center

HireRight introduced Applicant Center Mobile, the new mobile version of its Applicant Center portal, designed to provide employment candidates with greater transparency into the screening process. Accessible through either a smartphone or tablet computer, the new solution is designed to keep candidates informed with real-time status updates, document-receipt confirmation and a record of communications. It is also designed to make it easier for an applicant undergoing a background check by giving them the ability to receive a text alert requesting a document, photograph the document requested, and then upload it from their mobile device.

HireRight, Irvine, Calif.

Automated Garnishment Service

TALX released a new garnishment service intended to provide employers with the means to reduce paper garnishment handling, apply consistent standards for processing and mitigate risk and liability.

The TALX garnishment service currently helps employers with child-support garnishments through the Office of Child Support Enforcement's electronic portal, and will expand to manage other common types of garnishments. The garnishment service leverages an employer's data on The Work Number, its employment-verification service, to screen their garnishment orders. Garnishments that meet the employer's acceptance criteria are sent to the payroll system and the garnishment issuer is notified of its acceptance. Garnishments that do not meet the criteria are rejected and a notice of rejection is then sent to the garnishment issuer.

The solution is designed to allow employers to review questionable garnishments and accept or reject on an individual basis.

TALX, St. Louis

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