Innovative Hiring at Whole Foods

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Sunday, October 2, 2011
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Whole Foods is very open about the importance of employee empowerment in hiring decisions at the company. Interviews are often performed by a team and/or panel. Read this excerpt from their unique hiring policies:

Team member participation in group interviews is one way we put our culture of empowerment into action. The team interview process is an effective way to make hiring decisions because the diversity of participants brings all of the different aspects of the roles and responsibilities of the position to the table. In addition, the process educates both the interviewers and the candidates by giving insight into all the expectations and challenges of the job.

Job offers are job contingent on a background check, the clearance of your I-9 paperwork, and Social Security number verification.

Please note: Because our company culture promotes hiring from within, many positions are filled by existing team members and therefore external candidates may not always be considered for every job.

Orientation Period and Team Vote

The process of selecting a new Whole Foods Market team member doesn't end with the hiring process! During your orientation period (typically 30-90 days) you will attend orientation and training classes, and you and your team leader will discuss your progress.

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If your team leader then recommends that you be considered for team membership, your fellow team members will vote on whether to add you to their team. The team vote process empowers team members to share in the building of a quality team and strengthens communication. The criteria used to vote a new member onto a team are positive job performance, adherence to policies and procedures, excellent customer service skills, and teamwork.

See more of their policy on the careers page of the Whole Foods corporate website.

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