2011 Top Product Winner: EASy Simulation Virtual Customer Simulation

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Sunday, October 2, 2011
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What It Is: Using high-end graphics and a compelling -- yet easy-to-follow -- storyline, Virtual Customer Simulation immerses applicants into a variety of venues within a hypothetical town, where they meet a cast of characters who help them navigate through the simulation. To complete it, applicants must visit the different venues and provide outstanding service to a variety of customers -- who have varying degrees of unpleasantness -- while mini-games carry the applicant from one venue to another. The assessment also measures applicants' abilities in three competencies: friendliness, conscientiousness and problem-solving abilities. Data is then sent to the EASy Datacenter portal, a secure site where managers can modify configuration settings, establish preferences and track candidates' progress and results. The interface screen allows users to manage key aspects of their accounts wherever and whenever, and a group-training-needs-analysis function compiles the training needs for specific groups, such as new training classes. Average prices range between $20 and $30 per use. There is a minimum one-time installation fee of $250, and annual licenses or subscriptions are also available.

Why We Like It: While assessments can oftentimes be boring slogs for applicants, high production values and a non-text-based format ensure that more applicants will complete the assessment, especially because they can work at their own pace. We also think the application's Datacenter can be a very handy tool for managers to compare applicants' scores, thanks to a detailed Personalized Skills Profile that summarizes each participant's strengths and highlights areas for improvement. And in this tight economy, where HR dollars need to be stretched to cover more tasks, we especially like application's CareeRx Development Guide, which creates a personal and objective onboarding plan for each participant that lists and prioritizes specific learning activities based on the applicant's individual assessment needs.

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