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Sunday, October 2, 2011
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What It Is: HireVue Enterprise enables employers to create a holistic environment for conducting and managing the interview process. Companies can use the platform to deploy video interviews, interview guides, scientifically validated questions, collaborative evaluation and comparison tools, and more. From phone screens to video interviews, all types of workplace interactions can be captured and used to make more informed decisions. The product's authoring tool includes templates and frameworks that enable content to be organized and pushed out to the entire enterprise. HireVue integrates with applicant-tracking systems and uses an annual subscription model that varies by interview volume.

Why We Like It: HireVue has already won much-deserved praise for its first video interviewing product, including recognition by HRE as a top HR product winner in 2009. So it's not a huge surprise that the company has returned again this year with another impressive offering: a robust platform that successfully addresses other key aspects of the all-important screening process. There's plenty to like about the product, especially some of the collaborative features that allow reviewers to digitally share and solicit feedback from others. We were also impressed by the platform's flexibility. Users have the ability to access videos on-demand -- pausing, skipping and replaying them -- whenever and wherever they like, including through mobile devices. Together, these features and others we don't have room to list should go a long way in giving employers the insight and intelligence they need to make better-informed hiring decision.

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