False Accusations Sent to Renault

This article accompanies To Find the Truth.

Friday, September 2, 2011
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This is the translated text (from French into English) of the anonymous letter written by a Renault staffer that wrongly accused high-level executives of stealing company secrets. The letter prompted the company to fire three employees; however, a subsequent investigation found no wrongdoing.

In this period of crisis and even if the (quarterly) numbers for Renault are not so bad, it's inadmissible that people with these kinds of responsibilities profit from their position to accept bribes.

In May of this year, I saw Mr. Balthazard Michel negotiate a bribe and claimed that "if Bob Bell from Formula 1 was profiting from this, then I too would like to profit and pad my bank account."

Not sure that I'd heard this properly, I waited several weeks and his behavior confirmed my initial suspicions.

During the course of another conversation, he spoke of "a young colleague who worked with Koskas and who quickly understood how things worked to pad his own bank account."

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For sure, I have no proof and this is conjecture, but I don't care anyway. I can't stand by and watch salaried employees steal yet more money to the detriment of our enterprise, Renault and the rest of the people working for the company.

In the immediate future, I've not revealed to anyone my suspicions. If this is all false, then I'm paranoid but without any verification on your behalf, I will not hesitate in a few weeks to alert the trade media.

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