Effective Global Mobility from Inside and Out

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Friday, September 2, 2011
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Partnership Provides Solutions for Overseas Relocations

Effective Global Mobility from Inside and Out

In the fall of 2009, a large international retailer went to bid looking for a relocation-management company to oversee its global-mobility program. This client wasn't just interested in completely outsourcing its program to another organization. It had built a small internal mobility team that planned to work jointly with the chosen relocation company, for both general oversight representing its corporate interests and as an additional means of continuing development for its internal department.

The client was looking for a company that could and would be able to provide ongoing training, workshops and resources to help build its industry knowledge and a better understanding of ongoing policy revision while still managing key areas of its overall mobility program.

AIReS was awarded this client's business and began providing relocation-management services in 2010. AIReS approaches each client partnership from a completely new perspective, building a program and solutions that will best suit the client's needs while adhering to all policy parameters. The first step in this process was determining common goals that would guide the client/AIReS relationship and ensure that all expectations of service and performance were set at the beginning of the relationship.

These common goals have also led to the development of several distinct benefits of the unique partnership between AIReS and its client. The first common goal is focused on global-partner management. AIReS works with a partner network to deliver on-the-ground services around the globe, but also integrates pre-existing client relationships with service providers it has experienced success with prior to the partnership.

For the client, this means its transferees will share a central point of contact at AIReS who will filter all communications from its service-provider partners. A second common goal is providing VIP services for high-level executives within the client organization. This seamless executive-relocation program was even given a branded name within the client organization.

The program allowed the client to stay lean. Its smaller internal team is able to provide direct oversight while still relying on AIReS for additional services such as tax and immigration, shifting much of its internal focus to talent management.

While AIReS makes many resources available to its clients -- including knowledge documents, white papers, policy surveys, etc. -- the organization entered into this partnership knowing more would be required in this area. AIReS placed specific tools on a customized ReloNet Web Services site to assist with advanced policy review information, cost estimators and additional self-training tools to help develop its client's global-talent acquisition and management team.

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AIReS also prepares monthly team- and management-training sessions for this client. This proactive education has allowed the client's teams to ensure all benefits packages presented are specific in the value they add to the overall relocation package, which has become essential in its success of using global-talent acquisition as a relocation tool, providing the client a greater position in the global war on talent.

A final common goal is overall policy compliance and exception tracking, which requires a commitment from both the relocation-management company and the client. AIReS developed a custom process to ensure its client's philosophy of equity and compliance was carried out across all global business units. AIReS estimates phases through the relocation process and tracks exceptions, not just related to cost, but also those that are less than/greater than policy and procedural deviations.

The benefit developed by this goal is total relocation-cost awareness for the client's multimillion-dollar global-mobility spend. AIReS developed a unique process for that project and actualizes cost per relocation down to every dollar.


Organization: Large International Retailer

Location: West Coast, United States

Primary Business: Retail

Relocation Challenge: The client was seeking a provider, not just for overall program management, but for a seamless blend with its internal team and the ability to provide ongoing education and development on news and issues in global mobility.

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