Partnership Provides Solutions for Overseas Relocations

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Friday, September 2, 2011
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Partnership Provides Solutions for Overseas Relocations

Effective Global Mobility from Inside and Out

Moving can be the one of the most stressful parts of any employee relocation. And that stress can be exponentially high when the move is overseas. New languages, new customs and unfamiliar surroundings are additional complications that can affect a new or relocated employee's productivity.

United Van Lines has been a leader in corporate-relocation services for decades, with services diverse enough to meet the range of needs of corporate clients. The moving company successfully serves more than half of all Fortune 500 companies and completed more than 146,000 domestic moves in 2010. 

Through the years, United has recognized an increasing importance in being able to serve the needs of international movers. A steady stream of relocations to European countries coupled with an increase in moves to Asia meant that United needed to offer superior global relocation services.

In order to do so effectively, it would need to establish a global footprint of service centers capable of providing destination services to help customers settle in abroad. The answer for United Van Lines was a partnership with UniGroup Worldwide UTS.

UniGroup Worldwide UTS is an international transportation provider with offices in St. Louis and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, specializing in the movement of household belongings. It is among the largest and most recognized international household-goods moving providers in the world. UniGroup UTS has regional offices located in Hong Kong, London and Toronto and maintains a global footprint of more than 1,300 affiliated service centers in 146 countries.

"The size and scope of United and UniGroup UTS combined gives us global coverage that is unmatched in the industry," says UniGroup UTS president Brian Iles. "But the most valuable assets we have in those locations are the employees. They bring an expertise and familiarity with the region that can be shared with our customers in order to help them acclimate to their new home."

Destination Services

The most critical issues related to global-assignment success can be addressed with a relatively small investment. UniGroup UTS has established the industry's largest global-destination-service provider network with a menu of services designed to expedite a customer's assimilation to his or her new host country. Destination services include airport pick-up or meet and greet, area tours, temporary accommodations, school-search assistance, cross-cultural training and much more.

"Our suite of destination solutions greatly increases the success of our clients valuable expat investments," says Brad Pogue, director of DSP Network Services for UniGroup UTS. "It allows our corporate clients to give their assignees the tools they need to succeed in their new adventure with energy and enthusiasm."

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The destination-service-provider network embraces common standards, transparency and accountability through our proprietary DSP Service Level Agreement. Clients can be confident that UniGroup UTS will deliver best-in-class service around the clock, around the world. The program, which was established in early 2011, has the potential to impact more than 20,000 international moves annually.

Corporate Client Services

UniGroup UTS and United also offer unique services for the corporate client to effectively manage global relocations -- from candidate selection to expense management.

International moves can be expensive, and there are different regulations to follow than with typical domestic moves. UniGroup UTS' expense-management system compiles, tracks and reports relocation expenses; reimburses employees; interfaces with your payroll systems; and calculates gross-ups, placing these critical functions in the hands of thoroughly experienced professionals.

"We are thrilled to be able to offer this level of service to our corporate customers," Iles says. "This allows our clients to keep their focus on the employee's needs, not the logistics of the move."


Organization: United Van Lines

Headquarters: St. Louis

Primary Business: Household goods moving and storage.

Relocation Challenge: To expand the network of global-relocation-service centers and provide destination services for international assignees.

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