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Monday, July 11, 2011
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When the Hershey Co. needed to hire hundreds of part-time staffers in a short amount of time, it relied on a customized recruitment-process-outsourcing model designed by KellyOCG.

Part-time retail-sales merchandisers play a vital role in the success of the Hershey Co. More than 26 percent of the positions throughout the company are RSMs, and it's the second highest revenue-generating position. Recruiting, interviewing and hiring top-quality RSMs is an essential part of Hershey's staffing strategy. But hiring managers are also district sales supervisors, and their involvement in the interview process takes time away from them being able to bring in revenue. So when there are many RSM positions to fill quickly, workforce planning can become a balancing act between locating top talent and maintaining profitability.


* Hershey needed to hire approximately 200 RSMs per year with a time-to-fill of less than 60 days and a strong total head-count fill.

* Because positions are located throughout the United States, new hires in certain locations may face costly transportation or commuting issues.

* Because different hiring managers have their own strategic business goals, hiring processes need to be consistent and streamlined.


* A dedicated KellyOCG client-recruiting consultant manages the entire life cycle of the hiring process.

* The CRC works with a flexible team to screen job candidates before Hershey decision-makers become involved, so hiring managers can focus on bringing in revenue.

* Candidates who successfully progress through interviews can be given a field-day interview, shadowing a Hershey RSM on a regular workday to see what the position involves.


Thanks to the customized RPO solution provided by KellyOCG, hiring managers don't need to be involved in hiring until after candidates are screened. The CRC is the "gatekeeper" who orchestrates and supervises the process and all of the people involved. As a direct result of KellyOCG's detailed screening procedures, the retention level of Hershey RSMs -- which used to be 12 to 13 months -- is now trending longer. This higher retention level translates to less work for hiring managers, which results in greater revenue for Hershey.

Throughout the past year, the hiring process at Hershey has been continually fine-tuned for maximum efficiency and superior staffing results. KellyOCG redesigned its phone-screen interview as well as its face-to-face interview, revamped its interview template and developed a one-page FAQ for interviewers to keep next to their laptops as they speak with applicants. In addition, KellyOCG is working to maximize the results of the company's internal Employee Referral Program by capitalizing on Hershey's strong brand reputation. A pilot program is being developed for online field days for job applicants who make it through the initial interviews.

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Since launching their RPO model, KellyOCG has successfully recruited about 200 part-time RSMs a year. Time-to-fill for RSM positions has decreased to less than less than 60 days, and the head count is nearly 100 percent -- which has never before happened in Hershey's history. In 2010, there were so many RSMs in place that Hershey's sell-through numbers were approximately 98 percent.

The success of KellyOCG's recruiting process is obvious, and all parties involved are contributing to Hershey's process improvement, efficiency and profitability. The KellyOCG team is very well integrated with Hershey, ensuring that the company is well positioned in the job market for attracting and retaining top talent.


Organization: The Hershey Co.


Headquarters: Hershey, Pa.

Primary Business: The Hershey Company is the leading North American manufacturer of chocolate and non-chocolate confectionery and grocery products.

Outsourcing/Consulting Challenge: Large-volume,high-quality, candidate hiring with short time-to-fill window (less than 60 days) across the United States with geographic and urban constraints.

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