Are You Flexible?

This article accompanies Balancing Work/Life by the Hour.

Monday, July 11, 2011
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The University of Kentucky's work/life program -- run through the human resource department -- is responsible for connecting supervisors and employees with the necessary resources for drafting and enacting a flexible work arrangement.

Among those tools -- which are provided by WFC Resources Inc., based in Minnetonka, Minn. -- is a checklist of questions that help employees determine whether such a work schedule will "work" for them. The questions can offer some insight for HR leaders looking to establish guidelines or offer more flexibility as well:

* Is the nature of your work conducive to a flexible work arrangement?

* If you have supervisory responsibilities, how will they be handled?

* What does your work performance history indicate about your organizational skills and the ability to accomplish tasks?

* How will your proposed flexible work arrangement affect the department's ability to meet business objectives?

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* How will internal and external customers be affected?

* How will staffing and workflow requirements be affected?

* Will your schedule improve coverage or extend service hours?

* How will scheduling and continuity be maintained?

* What will the impact on co-workers be? What will be the impact on the team?

* Will your new schedule impact the department's need for overtime?

* What effect, if any, will working in a flexible work arrangement have on your career objectives?

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