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Tuesday, July 5, 2011
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Great article w/relevant information and perspective. Thanks for writing/providing.  

Tim Ballard 

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Excellent article by Sue Meisinger re: Bad Facts make Bad Law! Great timing to bring everyone's attention to this.

Susan Warner, J.D., SPHR

Faculty: SHRM Certification Preparation Seminars; Villanova University HR Prof. Management Programs On Line & On Site

Founding President/Chapter Management Professional Back-up - SEPA SHRM

President/General Counsel - Human Resource Trouble Shooters

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Ms. Meisinger, I'm sorry if you think I'm being impertinent, but this article is missing the "facts" supporting your contentions. I'm not sure what companies, recruiters, or hiring folks in HR you're talking with or citing, but unless you can cite research indicating that most companies actually recruit based on anything other than the hiring manager's perceptions over the last 3 years, quit defending dysfunctional recruiters, recruiting policies and companies who don't even know what skills they require.

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Find some data that Peter Cappelli can endorse to support your position(s) --otherwise, revise your thinking -- HR is certainly no more rational than the folks in any C-suite -- or the whiz kids on Wall Street for that matter -- get real -- it's biased because it's behavioral.

Joel J. Grumm

Grand Rapids, Mich.

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