Teri Weber

Spring Consulting Group, Boston

Thursday, June 2, 2011
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Perfect Timing

The recently amended Americans with Disabilities Act will vastly increase the number of employees who are considered to have disabilities. It's a mathematical certainty that this will increase the number of employees who also file discrimination claims against their employers under the Act.

As a result, the competency with which employers integrate their disability management and total-absence-management programs has become more important. That's why the work done by Teri Weber, a principal with Boston-based Spring Consulting, has such relevance and is so noteworthy.

In the past year, Weber assisted a disability carrier in expanding its product offering to include Family and Medical Leave Act administration and overall absence management with a focus on coordination among plans. Weber's findings revealed that a hosted solution would best achieve the carrier's goals. This would allow the carrier quick entry to market and customization of the offering over time.

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Weber also has been working with national and global firms developing employee-centered processes and incentive programs surrounding absence management. She is helping to create clear and consistent communications for employees, something that has become vital since the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act went into effect on May 24.

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