Susan Sajiun-Fitzharris

Vice President-Employee Benefits
HUB International Northeast, Hauppauge, N.Y.

Thursday, June 2, 2011
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In an Owner's Shoes

How does Susan Sajiun-Fitzharris do such a good job of meeting employers' and employees' needs and expectations in creating effective and cost-efficient voluntary benefits programs?

One answer is that she has owned her own company. That's in addition to the experience she has gained in her 24-year career in the insurance industry. Her firm, United Benefits Consulting Inc., was acquired by HUB International three years ago. HUB says it makes it a practice to find good fits when it makes an acquisition. The proof of that, in Sajiun-Fitzharris' case, is the fact that she is still with HUB, and thriving, from what our sources tell us.

Sajiun-Fitzharris did a "bang-up job," says a New York attorney and chief financial officer. She performed exhaustive research on the programs that were available for his firm and saved the company money in the process.

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"If anything, she is service-obsessed, and you can write that down," says another New York attorney, Fred Klein, a managing partner with Klein, Zelman, Rothermel & Dichter.

Klein says he came across Sajiun-Fitzharris years ago when she was first getting started in her professional life and something about her really impressed him. "She was very competent, and young and ambitious ... ," Klein says.

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