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Ceridian Workforce Management: The Transformation of Your Workforce into a Strategic Asset
I Love Rewards: Employee Recognition: The Missing Link in Integrated Talent Management
Right Management: Pursuing the Growth Agenda
SHL/PreVisor: People Intelligence: No Longer a 'Nice to Have'
SilkRoad technology: Recruiting & Retention to Once Again Take Center Stage
The RightThing: 21st Century Gold Rush: The Quest for Quality Talent

Friday, April 1, 2011
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While predicting the future is never easy, the following executives do offer educated opinions as to what lies ahead for HR. When it comes to talent management, in particular, they have plenty of ideas as to what will happen in the coming months and years.

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Some believe it's time to revert focus back to the aging workforce and the impending retirement of baby boomers. (It's bound to happen eventually.) Others say employee recognition is where employers should focus in the near future. Still others stress the ongoing and growing hunt for high-quality talent or the emphasis on strategic human-capital management systems.

We hope this section provides you with some insight into talent-management issues your companies may be facing in the coming months and years. We also hope it offers you some creative HR solutions and strategies you can implement.

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