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This responds to Discrimination against the Unemployed?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
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Just curious as to which unemployed persons have the time to do squat about this when they encounter it?  And for the attorney, YMCA exec and US Chamber -- of course they wouldn't have any evidence of this! And of course age discrimination isn't prevalent either!  And who's getting audited who's hiring anyway!?  Let's get real here folks ...

Joel J. Grumm

Grand Rapids, Mich.

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I just read the article "Bias against the Unemployed" in your June [magazine] issue.  Before starting my own consulting firm, I was seeking to get into pharmaceutical sales. Contrary to the denial, or ignorance of Mr. Cepero from SHRM, who claims to be unaware of this practice and Mr. Urban's claim that he has never experienced an employer with such a policy or practice and alluding that employers consider all qualified candidates regardless of their employment status is absurd!! These gentleman are delusional. I have applied with several pharma companies that state this in their job descriptions. 

Eli Lily, one of the top pharma companies practices this issue at hand. The following is taken from one of their job openings for Auburn Al Entry Level position under "Preferences": Demonstrated longevity by having held less than 3 jobs in the past 5 years. Lilly is very strict in their hiring practices and sticks to this preference.

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Two more articles were written regarding this ongoing practice. The Wall St JournalOnly the Employed Need Apply, Companies Say - and CNN: Out-of-work job applicants told unemployed need not apply - Jun ...  This is a reality Mr. Urban and Mr. Cepero and is a widespread problem, not isolated.

Doug Baggett

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