Communicating the Engagement Message

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
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E-mail (83 percent) and intranets (75 percent) top the list of communication vehicles employers use to engage employees and foster productivity, according to a recent study by the International Association of Business Communicators Research Foundation and Buck Consultants, a Xerox Co.

The second annual survey, entitled Employee Engagement Survey, reveals that social-media tools are slowly gaining traction as vehicles for communicating with workers, with nearly half of employers questioned reporting they currently communicate through Facebook, instant messaging and Twitter.

Increasing productivity (66 percent) and retaining top talent (65 percent) are cited as the most important goals for keeping employees engaged, the study finds. Other important goals identified by survey respondents are increasing employee morale (59 percent) and creating a new culture or work environment (52 percent).

Top practices for sustaining an engaged work culture include publishing a formal list of values (74 percent) and using exit interviews with managers (73 percent).

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Other practices include regularly surveying the workforce on engagement and work satisfaction (60 percent), including material on the organization's culture in new-hire orientation (56 percent) and involving senior leadership in orientation programs (54 percent).

Nearly 900 communication professionals participated in this year's survey, representing a broad industry and geographic base.

The complete survey report can be downloaded here.

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