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Monday, November 1, 2010
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Realizing it could improve the hiring experience for candidates and recruiters, Cablevision Systems Corp. replaced its manual, paper-based recruiting process with a recruitment-technology solution from Kenexa, a leading provider of business solutions for human resources. Since implementing Kenexa 2x BrassRing, Cablevision has reduced time-to-fill by one-third, decreased cost-per-hire and can process a high volume of candidates quickly and efficiently.

Cablevision is one of the nation's leading telecommunications and entertainment companies. Headquartered in Bethpage, N.Y., Cablevision has nearly 20,000 employees and serves more than 3 million customers in the New York metropolitan area.

Cablevision hires in high volume for its call centers, sales groups and field operations. However, with manual recruiting processes and a non-web-based applicant-tracking system, it was difficult to keep up with the number of candidates and rapidly identify the most qualified individuals.

"Our challenge is that we often need a high volume of hires in a short time period, and in order to find the best, we have to consider a large number of candidates," explains John Warrack, vice president of staffing for Cablevision.

"We were looking for a user-friendly, web-based solution that had credibility in the marketplace and integrated with our HRMS. What made Kenexa stand out was its relationship with the two biggest players in our industry, so we knew Kenexa had familiarity with our business. Its solution also had the features we were looking for, and could be tailored to our processes. From a price and benefit perspective, the Kenexa solution offered the best value of any of the solutions we evaluated."

Kenexa 2x BrassRing is a web-based recruitment-technology system that includes requisition creation, processing and posting, resume searching, sorting and filing, applicant workflow, interview scheduling and tracking, candidate communications and reporting.

"Through the solution, we are able to deal with a high volume of candidates in a more effective way," says Warrack. "All candidates have an opportunity to see all our openings and are able to query the system to find specific jobs they are interested in. They are also able to set up 'search agents' so they can be notified via e-mail when certain jobs become available."

The improved internal job-posting process has resulted in an increased number of positions filled internally. Not only is that good for morale and helping employees advance their careers, but being able to fill positions internally has also resulted in reduced cost-per-hire.

"We clearly have evidence that we have been able to reduce the time it takes to fill a job, and a lot of that starts from being able to initiate a requisition in an online, automated manner where the approval can all occur in a day or two, compared to the 10 days to two weeks it took using our old process," says Warrack. "We did a report a few months ago, which proved our time-to-fill was reduced by one-third."

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Phyllis D'Antona, recruitment technology manager of the staffing information center for Cablevision, adds: "Through the Kenexa system, we have seen a huge improvement on reporting. Now, we can automate and schedule reports and no longer need an IT person to set them up for us. They are scheduled and automated and I can create my own report on any field that resides on any form in the system. It is so much different than it used to be and we benefit from having information that helps operate our business effectively.

"Kenexa is an extremely responsive, customer-driven organization that has been a great partner, providing us with knowledge of best practices and meeting a variety of our needs. We are able to deal with a high volume of candidates in a more effective way and the increased capabilities of integrating with our HRMS and other systems have brought us into the 21st century."


Organization: Cablevision Systems Corp.

Headquarters: Bethpage, N.Y.

Primary Business: Cablevision Systems Corp. is one of the nation's leading telecommunications and entertainment companies.

HR Technology Challenge: Eliminate a manual, paper-based recruiting process, reduce time-to-fill, decrease cost-per-hire, and improve the hiring experience for candidates and recruiters.

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