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Saturday, December 1, 2007
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The following is a partial list of companies that provide training for customer-service professionals.

The Call Center School

The center provides a full range of training for call center professionals. Programs include more than 50 topics for frontline staff and management, delivered via classroom training, Web seminars, e-learning programs, and train-the trainer licensing.

Crestcom International Ltd.

This company's franchise network markets and delivers video-based, live-facilitated training in the area of customer service, which is available in more than 25 languages. The programs emphasize involvement, participation, team work and can be utilized by companies of all sizes.

DialogCoach LLC

Using the Customer Simulator, trainees can interact with a virtual customer who listens, understands, and responds based on what they say. Trainees can then develop skills around your company's best practices using the simulator, rather than practicing on your customers.

IFI Training

Customer-service workshop participants will create a customer action strategy that creates and enhances customer relationships, loyalty, and retention. Participants come away from the training with a renewed commitment to satisfy every customer, and each participant will develop a personal strategy for exceeding customer expectations in their job.


With e-learning courses, both customized and generic, employees will learn effective, efficient and engaging techniques for providing customer service. Courses cover topics such as: handling irate callers, determining customer needs and "The Five Forbidden Phrases."

Impact Learning Systems International

This program is designed for non-technical customer-service representatives. The course includes on-the-job reinforcement exercises and job aids that support learning, increase retention, and encourage the delivery of exceptional customer service. It is available in English and Spanish.

Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training

Telephone Doctor specializes in products and services which improve the way your organization communicates with customers. Their flagship offering is the 18-module Complete DVD Training Library - a powerful collection of highly effective classroom training courseware. These same courses are also available online, at their Web-based Customer Service Training platform.

Business Training Works

Participants will learn what exceptional service is, how to project a customer- friendly image, how to handle demanding customers, and more through courses on telephone service and customer service in the hospitality and retail industries. Courses are also available online.

Moran Consulting Inc.

"Service Essentials for Everyone" is a complete training program giving everyone in your organization the skills to delight and retain both internal and external customers. The programs are available with tools for companies to deliver the training in-house. They also offer free support to assure your training is a success.

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American Management Association

Discover how to make every client connection a positive one. AMA's customer satisfaction training seminars demonstrate practical ways you can hold on to your valuable customer base and win repeat business. These customer service training courses also show you how to measure your organization's ability to meet customer expectations.

Integrity Services

"The Customer" is a comprehensive process designed to help employees and managers develop appropriate values, skills and behaviors necessary for a customer-focused organization. It includes pre/post assessments, a structured, eight-week followup course, advanced reminder and reinforcement sessions and coaching for managers.

Phone Pro

PHONE PRO's Tele-Service course is a customized seven hour course that delivers telephone etiquette and customer service training live at your facility. Presented in a fun and interactive way for higher retention, it provides your frontline staff with soft skills techniques for managing every call effectively and positively. Customization for your program is developed through an onsite observation, which allows for real life scenarios to be woven in and demonstrated throughout the training.

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