HR Problem Solvers for 2010

HRE editors present the results of the magazine's first-ever competition aimed at recognizing solutions to some of today's most pressing HR problems.

Sunday, August 1, 2010
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To put a different twist on Thomas Paine's famous opening words of The American Crisis, "These are the times that try [HR leaders'] souls."

With downsized companies still waiting for the economic recovery to officially kick in, with the sting of layoffs still wreaking havoc on productivity and morale, and with the federal government passing new rules and regulations and beefing up its enforcement efforts, it's safe to say HR executives have their share of problems.

There's probably no better time than in a climate such as this for Human Resource Executive® magazine to introduce to its readers the results of a brand new competition, HR Problem Solvers for 2010.

Though two other existing HRE competitions -- our Top Products and Best HR Ideas contests -- serve to recognize specific tools and initiatives, respectively, that we consider tops in helping HR practitioners do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, this contest takes a slightly different tack: honoring solutions that address some of the most pressing problems impacting individual organizations -- and their HR departments -- today.

As in our other competitions, winners seem to represent that special ilk of leaders who are willing to take on real and specific issues in very proactive ways -- not just reacting to current business fluctuations and uncertainties by going into survival mode, but tackling problems and concerns within their companies head-on, putting one step in front of the other and leading with positivity, creativity and purpose.

From putting programs together on seriously constrained budgets to educate and engage employees so businesses keep running and top talent wants to stay, to finding ways to counsel and even feed employees and their families hit by hard times, each of the solutions you'll read about here illustrates just how straightforward, inventive and practical HR can be in the face of adversity.

Read about the 2010 HR Problem Solvers:

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